Compression Clothing and Compression Sleeves for Arms

Compression clothes are garments that are used to support a specific part of one’s body. Compression clothing can come in various different fabrics, thicknesses, and colors, and it serves multiple purposes.

There are many different reasons individuals wear compression clothing, including the following:
* Poor circulation
* Body shape
* Support for strenuous activity, such as sports

Poor Circulation
There are multiple diagnoses, illnesses, and symptoms, such as diabetes, Peripheral Vascular Disease, vein issues, and countless more, that can lead to a lack of blood and oxygen circulation, swelling, and discomfort. Compression garments can potentially reduce and/or prevent blood clots, infections, and ultimately relieve pain and discomfort.

Body Shape
From an aesthetic standpoint, some individuals choose to wear compression clothing for increased support for body parts. For instance, pantyhose keep one’s legs warm, are fashionable, and can keep one’s waistline supported.

Additionally, athletes or those participating in recreational activities may choose to wear compression clothing. This is because it increases blood flow, allowing more oxygen to reach the muscles and warm them for easier activity. Further, it helps relieve stiffness and soreness. The garments also keep harsh weather conditions, such as the wind, the sun, snow, etc. from harming the skin, and can prevent chafing.

Compression Sleeves for Arms

Compression sleeves are flexible fabric that covers one’s arms. They normally fit from over one’s shoulders, and can reach down to their wrists. Compression sleeves for arms are ideal for extra warmth. There are many fabric options available, such as spandex, cotton, wool, nylon. They come in different sizes and lengths, and can be rolled up similar to regular shirt sleeves.

Specific Arm Sleeves

Unique types of compression sleeves for arms are those used specifically for individuals diagnosed with lymphedema, or tissue swelling in an extremity due to removal or damage of one’s lymph nodes. There are distinct sleeves made with silicone for pain relief and a more comfortable lifestyle. They can come in colors of one’s skin for less noticeability, and come in a variety of sizes.

Price and Quality

Due to the materials and special particulars of the items, compression clothing will be priced accordingly. However, purchasing better quality garments can prove to be more beneficial over the long haul, outlasting cheaper products.

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