Common Issues for an Air Conditioner Repair Service in Endicott, NY

As the warmer temperatures are on the horizon, now is the time to have AC units inspected to make sure they are ready for the challenge that the warm weather will have for them. In the course of an air conditioning inspection, issues that require repair could be uncovered. In these cases, an Air Conditioner Repair Service in Endicott NY may be required. The question that a homeowner may have is what are the more common issues with an HVAC system.

Since there are typically two separate aspects of a home air conditioning unit, a compressor unit, which usually placed outside, and an air handler, which is typically placed inside, there are a number of things that could require repair. One of the most common is compressor problems. Internal failure of the compressor isn’t unusual. Given its location, subjected to the outdoor elements, it’s not surprising. However, since it’s a closed system, repairing a faulty compressor means replacing it with a new unit.

Another issue has to do with low levels of coolant. This is always the result of a leak. AC coolant isn’t given to evaporation over time. This means the only way coolant levels would be low is due to a leak. That leak could be because of a bad compressor or coil unit in the air handler. However, in many cases, it’s usually a leak in the coolant delivery and return lines connecting the compressor and air handler units.

Relay sensors can also wear out over the years. These can stop the compressor unit from turning on, which means the air handler will only be acting as a fan. In addition, the high-speed fan in an air handler, the initial source of the air that moves through the AC duct work, could begin to wear down over time. This could cause a significant drop in the force of the cool air blowing through the AC vents.

While these are the most common repair issues, there are plenty of problems that may require a professional Air Conditioner Repair Service in Endicott NY. Whether your AC unit needs to be checked out and tuned up, or your system requires minor or major repairs, doing it now will get your cooling system ready for the warm temps that are just around the corner. For more info on these and other types of AC repairs, you can Click here.

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