Clean Your Septic in Eustis FL Regularly For Proper Function

Living in a rural area can often mean limited options and this is true when dealing with the waste sewage from your home. If you happen to live in a municipal district, then you probably have the chance to connect to a community sewage treatment plant, but rural options are limited to a Septic in Eustis FL. A septic system is actually a small sewage treatment system. It begins with a tank that collects the waste from your home. In most cases, this tank averages a thousand gallons in size. Some installations may require dual tanks, but this usually depends on the amount of water the household uses.

Connected to the tank will be a series of leach lines. The leach field is designed to take the wastewater from the septic and slowly filter it back into the local water table. This happens through a process known as percolation. Every area has different percolation rates which is why it is important that you have the property tested. A percolation test will help the contractor determine how to design your septic system and how to spread out the leach lines. The latter is important because the waste water needs to be filtered thoroughly before it comes into contact with the water supply.

One of the most important maintenance functions that you must have performed is regular cleaning. The tank is cleaned by vacuuming out the solid waste. In most instances, a house can go for two to three years before the tank should be cleaned. This occurs because the septic tank uses anaerobic actions to consume some of the waste that gets dumped into it.

Bacteria and enzymes consume the various proteins left in the solid matter which results in a sludge that settles to the bottom of the tank. This sludge slowly builds up over time until it must be removed. Sometimes, the homeowner may forget when the tank needs to be cleaned again. In these cases, the system may overflow. Sewage can back up into the home or into the leach lines. If this happens, you may want to discuss cleaning the lines with the septic service. If you are having problems with a Septic in Eustis FL, then visit this site right here.

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