Choosing the Right Color Palette for Your Home

Painting the interior of your home can be tough for the inexperienced. More than just slapping a coat or two of paint on the walls, you need to choose a color palette that doesn’t clash with your furniture and house ware and is also pleasing to your eye. Choosing the right color or colors can be uncomplicated if you know what to do.

Look for Inspiration

If you don’t know where to begin, look around your room you are wanting to paint. What colors catch your eye? Rugs, wall art and couch pillows can all provide you with inspiration. You need to figure out if you want to go bold or stay subtle in your color choice.  Color can really affect the mood of a room and house. Make sure your color inspiration matches the feel you are wanting.

Know the Ambiance

Once you have an idea of the colors you are wanting, make sure the color will match the room’s mood. If a color choice is too bold, you can stay in the same color family, just choose a softer color. If you need help with picking a color, it may help to contact a professional. Many home interior painters in Chicago are able to soften bold color choices and can match your style with ease.

Keep It Personal

Remember to choose colors that will work for you throughout the years. Choosing a color just because it is on trend is not an ideal move. It is common to get tired of a color choice and choosing one that you may not necessarily fully embrace will definitely ensure that you will be painting again within a year or two.

If you like bold colors and think it will go with your furniture and interior, choose a daring color. If you like something softer and understated, choose a cozy neutral. Keep your mind open when choosing colors and you are sure to find a perfect match.
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