Choices Related To Funerals In Palm Springs, CA

In California, families must make choices when planning a loved one’s funeral. Luckily, funeral directors can assist the family in making the decisions. The director explains how the funerals are managed and all costs associated with the arrangements. A local funeral home provides assistance with Funerals in Palm Springs CA now.

Funeral or Memorial Service

The family starts by determining if they want a traditional funeral or a memorial service. A traditional funeral is held inside the funeral home in most cases. If the individual was religious, a preacher offers prayers and reads scriptures. Non-religious funerals are also provided. However, a memorial service is held in any location preferred by the family.

Burial or Cremation

Next, the family determines if the individual wants to be buried or cremated. It is possible for the family to schedule a viewing and funeral even if the individual is cremated. The funeral home embalms the body and sets up the ceremony just like a traditional funeral. However, at the end of the ceremony, the body is cremated. If the individual is to be buried, the body is delivered to the cemetery.

Viewings and Obituary Listings

The funeral home manages the obituary listing in the local newspaper as directed by the family. All details are acquired from the family including when they want to schedule the viewing and the funeral itself. All fine details are arranged by the funeral director after a meeting with the family.

Conducting the Preferred Service

The funeral director conducts the funeral or memorial service as directed by the family previously. Any music that is preferred is played during the viewing or funeral services. The director ensures that the family and their guests are directed to the correct chapel where the funeral is held. The director ensures that the funeral follows the program chosen by the family.

In California, families review several options for funeral and memorial services. The choices begin with the type of service and whether or not burial or cremation is more ideal. The cost of the services is often paid through life insurance and burial policies. Families that need answers about Funerals in Palm Springs CA contact a funeral director now.

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