Chicago Ice Cream Shops: Serving High Quality Treats For 100 Years

Ice cream contains fat, sugar and flavorings. The very best is to low fat but rich and creamy. Chicago ice cream shops continue to thrive by selling these delicious treats. Throughout the city, after a slowdown in the sales of such rich offerings, according to statistics, full and flavorful ice cream is back.

A Look Back

The William M. Bell Company founded its first flavoring company in Chicago, IL in 1912. He sold his products as flavoring for candy shops and ice cream manufacturers. Many of the ice cream parlors now operating in this city originally used such flavorings. Some have been in existence since the early 20th century.

Yet, even in those days, when flavors became experimental, the top flavors remained vanilla, chocolate and Neapolitan. These still reside in the top 10 slots with vanilla repeatedly taking top place, according to those who manufacture and sell ice cream. Pecan is another popular flavor as is rocky road. For many, however, ice cream is all about finding and tasting new flavors. In fact, so-called artisanal ice cream is increasingly becoming popular.

Market Trends

The market often sinks or floats according to current trends. Over the next 4 years or so, research points out that the market will see an increase for both premium ice cream products and unique styles and flavors. Flavors are of particular importance. Currently statistics indicate that nearly 70% of the American populace surveyed stated that flavor was the most common rationale for their choice of ice cream. This is something ice cream shops that prepare and serve their own products already understand.

In the city, today, you can find shops selling a wide range of flavors that include:

 * Alfalfa juice
 * Avocado
 * Bacon-infused
 * Basil
 * Birthday cake
 * Black Licorice
 * Cantaloupe
 * Cookie dough
 * Coconut curry
 * Cornbread
 * Fig
 * Goat cheese
 * Green tea
 * Guinness
 * Horseradish
 * Jalapeno
 * Lavender and honey
 * Lobster
 * Pineapple cilantro
 * Salted caramel
 * Superman
 * Sweet potato/yam
 * Tequila
 * Ube
 * Wild lavender

This is merely touching the surface. As confectionaries have branched out into new and often unusual combinations, so, too, have ice cream establishments and producers. They are turning to ingredients not normally associated with ice cream and creating unique new flavors.

Chicago Ice Cream Shops

A Bell did in the early 1900s, so, too do ice cream producers today. As people, particularly adults, seek something different and appealing, ice cream shops will respond. In Chicago, the trend of experimenting, creating new and exciting flavors continues.

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