5 Tips for Keeping Your Minneapolis Machine Shop Safe

Machine shop businesses in Minneapolis provide vital services to a host of industries today. Many companies could not function without these parts and fabrication services. However, safety in the workplace is sometimes downplayed, especially during the busiest times of the year. In addition, over the course of time, safety can be “put on a back burner” as other issues arise. Yet, worker safety should always be a priority and here are five important tips to help you maintain a safe place to work.

Why is Safety So Important?

Anytime people work around high speed machinery (which cuts, bores, or grinds) the risk of injury increases dramatically. It’s up to the business owner to make sure workers are safe and this is in everyone’s best interests. For example, “on the job” injuries increase absenteeism and related problems. Plus, worker compensation claims and lawsuits can be devastating to small businesses. These are only a few reasons why safety is such an important matter today.

Tip #1 Always Wear Personal Protective Gear

It only takes one lapse of judgment to cause a machine shop eye injury in Minneapolis. All a worker has to do is forget to use his or her safety glasses or goggles. If you must touch any kind of hazardous materials it is absolutely essential to wear the proper gloves. Yes, it takes longer to put on gloves and goggles but this is the best way to avoid needless lost time injuries.

Tips #2 Proper Footwear is Essential

Some people have problems with steel toe boots and shoes. However, this kind of footwear is proven to protect feet from serious injuries. Proper footwear should be mandatory with no exceptions. If people are breaking this rule, find out why. You may need to come up with a solution to uncomfortable footwear.

Tip #3 Inspect Machines before Operating

This is an important procedure to follow at the start of each work day. Have your workers go over everything and check for things like loose guards, frayed cords and other common issues.

Tip #4 Keep Your Minneapolis Machine Shop Clean at all Times

Cleanup should be part of every machine operator’s job description. If everyone takes a “clean as you go” attitude, debris doesn’t pile up and many tripping and fire hazards can be avoided.

Tip #5 Update Your Basic Shop Rules

You should have a legible copy of the shop rules in an easy to read and access area. If the list has not been updated for a year, go over it and make sure all safety rules are listed and up to date.

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