Chewable Ice is a Bigger Deal Than You May Think for Those Soft Drink, Juice and Iced Tea Beverages

Chewing ice has always been a popular thing. You may have heard the crunchers in restaurants, at home or walking down the streets. However, those big cubes can be dangerous to chew. Dentists all over the world can attest to that. Enter a different kind of ice and ice dispensers.

What Is It?
Chewable ice is soft, easy to chew, compact and absorbs the flavor of your favorite soft drink or juice beverage. It’s perfect for soft drinks, smoothies, and well, just chewing. If you’re in the restaurant or convenience store business, an ice machine is essential. Give your customers the ice they crave reliably and hassle free. They’ll pour more, enjoy more and come back time and time again. So what makes it different? Traditional ice cubes are made in trays. As the water freezes it becomes hard. Think jawbreaker hard. Chewable or nugget ice is made in a special machine. This machine has an auger in the middle of it. This refrigerated cylinder is filled with water. As the ice crystal begin to form, the auger pushes the wet, still pliable ice through holes. This makes the ice crunchy, but not rock hard.

Perfect on a Summer Day
While there are many people who love chewing ice all year long, the summer months are especially big for chewable ice. Many convenience stores make a living on the beverages they sell with chewable ice. Whether the beverages are carbonated or simply juices or iced teas, this special ice pulls in the flavor and is a welcome bonus when the liquid is gone. Keeping cool, refreshed and hydrated is what chewing ice is all about.

Many business owners don’t realize the difference upgrading their ice machines can make. Technology and features can make it easy for employees to do their jobs, and self-serve stations can be a convenient option for customers. Some other features in ice machines include water dispensers, low ice indicator lights and high capacity drip trays. If you haven’t upgraded your ice machines and dispensers in a while, it may be time. You’ll be excited to see the advancements that have been made and how easy it will be to give your customers the ice options they want.

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