Pest Exterminators will Safely Remove a Beehive

by | Feb 6, 2015 | Pest Control

No one wants to harm a honey bee. These creatures perform a valuable public service by pollinating food crops and flowers. Many people have been worried about the mysterious illness that is causing entire hives to suddenly die. However, no one really wants an unknown swarm of bees building a hive in their backyard. Bees can decide to build a hive in a tree, under a porch or in an exterior wall of a home. Barbecue grills are one of their favorite places to establish a hive. When a person hears a humming sound inside their barbecue grill, they should not lift the lid to investigate. They should call in experienced Pest Exterminators to handle the situation.

There is no way to know whether the humming is caused by friendly honey bees or lethal Africanized honey bees. Exterminators will arrive with the proper protective gear and equipment. They will smoke the bees to put them to sleep. They will open the lid and determine what kind of bees they are. If they are honey bees, they will probably call in a local beekeeper. Most of them are always willing to expand the number of bees they have. Africanized honey bees are so dangerous that they will need to be euthanized.

Sometimes people hear a buzzing sound coming from their walls. In only one week, honey bees can make enough honey to damage a wall. The honey’s weight and moisture can easily seep through drywall. The sweetness of the honey can attract rodents and other animals. Homeowners never want to hear the sound of honey bees and rats fighting in their wall. Pest Exterminators will probably have to cut a hole in the wall to remove the bees. Friendly bees will be passed on to a beekeeper and Africanized bees will be euthanized. The exterminator will also have to thoroughly remove all of the honey residue. An electrician might also have to be called in if electrical wires were covered with honey.

The professionals at Wildcat Exterminating are some of the experienced exterminators in Tucson that know how to handle a honey bee infestation. They are ready to respond quickly to an emergency situation.


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