Cat Print Fabric Ideas For The Bedroom

Do you have a cat lover in your family? Does a close friend absolutely adore cats? Why not surprise him or her with a unique cat-themed gift. You have two options:

  1. You can purchase a cat-related gift from an online or concrete retail outlet
  2. You can take any cat print fabric and produce your own gift.

A Catty Bedroom

If you have a child who loves kittens and cats, why not take advantage of this to produce a “catty” bedroom. You can purchase various types of items to accomplish this quickly and easily. Simply look at the components of her/his room and choose. The list below will provide you with the basics:

  • Pillow cases – purchase or make one out of cotton or linen cloth featuring cats and/or kittens
  • Pillow shams
  • Pillow covers
  • Comforters – Cover the bed with a warm cat or kitten-themed comforter
  • Quilts – make a quilt for your child’s bed using cat print fabric pieced together to create a delightful scene
  • Quillows – Add an extra boost to the bed with a quilted pillow featuring a cat image

There is really no end to what you can do for spreading the love of cats in the bedroom. You can add runners to the dressers, apply cat stickers to the furniture and, of course, put up cat or kitty wallpaper. Instead of wallpaper, you can position cat pictures, photos or similar items on the wall for your cat lover.

Purring Over Cat Print Fabric

For true and immersed cat lovers, one room may not be enough. You can consider adding more pillows throughout the house. You can also use cat print fabric for blankets and chair coverings. If you have a room, you can “cat-ify” it.

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