3 Things to Consider While Shopping for Reception Halls in Fort Wayne IN

When planning an event, location is everything. Choosing the right venue can make your event a success and help take a great deal of stress of your shoulders. Reception Halls in Fort Wayne IN are abundant and finding the right one can seem nearly impossible. Knowing your needs and what you’re looking for is key to finding the right reception hall. To make the best decision possible, there are 3 major things to take into consideration.

Size of Guest List

The worst thing possible for an event is to not have enough room for your guests. Before you start calling around, already have an idea of how many guests will be attending. Ask the venue how many people they can accommodate at one time. You don’t want to choose a facility that is too big or too small.

Amenities and Services Offered

A true benefit to choosing an event venue is minimizing your role in the manual labor of setting up the decorations and preparing the food. The type of event you’re hosting will influence the type of services and amenities you are looking for. Not all venues offer audio visual services, catering or decorations. Inquire if they offer the service needed and if additional costs are associated with them. A good way to keep track is to make a comparison chart detailing amenities and prices of each venue.

Layout and Mood

Not many think to consider this when choosing an event, but the flow and atmosphere are important factors when planning an event. Atmosphere plays a huge part depending on the type of engagement you are seeking from your attendees. Consider whether you are looking for an intimate or formal setting. Do the lighting and acoustics fit the style you are looking for?

Before calling around to Reception Halls in Fort Wayne IN, ensure that this information is readily available to you. Once your list has been narrowed, utilize your comparison chart to determine which is the best that fits all your needs. Keep in mind that some venues have multiple facilities that fit different needs and party sizes, which can ease the burden of shopping around. For example, event centers such as Classic Cafe Catering and Event Center are very versatile because they offer a range of services with multiple facilities that fit any event, atmosphere and guest list.

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