Can I Qualify For A Medical Card In Ohio?

States across the USA have passed laws to legalize the use of cannabis in the management of medical and psychological conditions. Not all states are providing patients with this option, but the number is steadily increasing. Ohio was the 25th state to approve the use of medical marijuana for patients with qualifying conditions.

Before purchasing medical marijuana at a licensed dispensary, patients must first obtain a medical marijuana card from the state. Each state issues cards for residents of that state. In general, the MMJ card, also known as a medical card, can only be used in the state it is issued. However, some states recognize MMJ cards from other locations.

Qualifying Conditions

Each state with medical marijuana laws sets the criteria patients must meet to qualify for the medical card. These qualifying conditions can be medical or psychological, with some patients having multiple qualifying conditions.

In addition to the specific listed conditions, medical marijuana doctors can qualify a patient for a recommendation for medical marijuana based on medical conditions of the same kind or class. These similar conditions usually include chronic pain, neurological impairments, psychological conditions, or terminal diseases.

Getting Started

To know if you qualify for a medical card in the state, complete a pre-qualification application for a medical marijuana clinic. Submit all required intake forms and documents in advance of the appointment to allow time for review.

In Ohio, patients are currently able to take advantage of telemedicine calls. These calls allow you to meet with the medical marijuana doctor from the comfort of your own home. If there is a recommendation, the doctor enters your information into the state registry. You will then receive an email with a link. This link allows you to apply for the MMJ card and pay the fee. Upon payment, an email is sent to you with a temporary MMJ card. The actual medical marijuana card will follow by mail in seven to ten business days.

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