Calling For AC Service in Derby, KS

When someone uses central air conditioning in their home, there will be a need for simple maintenance steps to ensure it works properly during the summer season. If an air conditioning unit does not work at cooling a home, a call can be made to a reliable AC Service in Derby KS to get it back up and running again. Here are some steps a homeowner can take to help keep their central air conditioning system working as it should.

It is important to clean the condenser portion of the air conditioning unit at the end of the summer. This will ensure it is ready to use again the following summer as the debris will have been removed in its entirety. Take the cover off the condensing unit and use a shop vacuum with a soft-bristled brush attachment to remove any dirt from within the unit. It is also best to wipe the fan blades with a mild detergent solution at this time as well.

The evaporator portion of the air conditioning system is located near the furnace. This is often enclosed in a way that it will be necessary to have a professional clean it properly. If the evaporator cover can be removed, it too can be cleaned with a shop vacuum in the same manner as the condenser portion. The drain will have tubing that runs to the evaporator. This should be removed and cleaned in a basin full of warm water to remove any algae that accumulated inside. If this is not removed, it could lead to a large mold problem. The drain pan should also be removed and cleaned with a bleach solution to remove any mold spores. The air filter can be swapped with a new one as well.

If someone needs their air conditioner repaired, or if they would like an AC service in Derby KS to do maintenance steps, they will need to hire a reliable service in the area. Check Out  to find out more about a great company dedicated to servicing its customers. Call them today to schedule an appointment.

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