California Cosmetic Dentistry: How to Deal with Sensitive Teeth

by | Jan 17, 2020 | Dental Services

If you have sensitive teeth, you are probably aware of the inconvenience they can cause. You can’t take cold or sweet food without having to deal with sharp sensations. Many people think that teeth sensitivity is normal. What they don’t know is that teeth sensitivity may be a warning sign of a more serious underlying issue.

What Causes Teeth Sensitivity?

Teeth sensitivity occurs when tooth enamel gets damaged, exposing the inner structures of the tooth, which comprise of sensitive nerve endings. Sensitivity may also arise when gums recede to reveal the tooth surface. Unlike the crown, the root of a tooth doesn’t have the protective enamel, and it is porous. Therefore, irritants such as sweet and cold foods cause teeth sensitivity and pain.

Teeth clenching is one of the harmful habits that can damage the protective enamel layer. Teeth grinding also exposes inner structures of the tooth, which are porous, just like the root of a tooth. If you have teeth sensitivity, dental services in San Bernardino, CA, can help in determining the cause of sensitivity and recommend the appropriate remedy.

Available Treatment Options for Sensitive Teeth

For some people, brushing teeth with desensitizing toothpaste can help manage teeth sensitivity. Desensitizing toothpaste is designed to block the pores in the tooth, thus preventing irritants from reaching the nerves.

Another excellent treatment option for sensitive teeth is the application of fluoride gel by dental services in San Bernardino, CA. Fluoride gel works the same way as desensitizing toothpaste, but it delivers better results.

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