4 Common Problems With Roofs in Meridian, ID

Roofing inspections, as well as maintenance and repairs, are better left to the experts. However, homeowners should be vigilant in spotting problems. Here are four issues that roofers in Meridian, ID, should know about as they arise.


A shiner is a roofing nail that protrudes through the deck, and it’s usually caused by improper fastener usage. They’re so named because during the winter, frost covers these nails and makes them shine. A shiner can only be seen from the attic. If insulation is installed under the decking, you’ll have to look for signs of water damage there.

Insufficient Ventilation

If the home’s attic feels hotter than the outside temperature, there may be a problem with the ventilation system. An attic ventilation system releases moisture and heat at the roof ridges while pressure pulls in the cool, fresh air. Whether the roof is made of metal or asphalt shingles, ask your contractor to assess the ventilation system.

Poor Sealant Usage

An untrained or inexperienced installer may use too much sealant on the roof flashing, which can lead to cracking and leaks. To resolve this, roofers in Meridian, ID, must remove the old sealant and apply the right amount before the flashing is reinstalled.

Missing Drip Edges

Drip edging is a special type of roof flashing that’s installed on the edge of the roof. It prevents rain runoff from getting into the roof’s decking. Most of today’s roofs include it, but some roofers cut corners by skipping this part of the installation process.

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