Building With T Channel

There are a lot of different names for T channel, which can make it more than a bit confusing to find just what you are looking for. It is sometimes called aluminum T-shot, T-track or tslot track. All terms refer to the same type of product which is a track or a channel that is rectangular in shape with an open central part on the top of the rectangle.

The Basics

The edges or corners of the top part of the rectangle are still in place. This leaves a hollow space down the center of the track that looks like the top of an inverted capital letter T. The is beneficial in that devices or components can have the appropriate shape of the hollow channel and can slide into the T channel from either end. They are held in place by the top part of the track but can easily slide along the track.

When inset into a work table or used to make a rack or storage compartment, everything can be placed along the track with ease. Using specialized components such as handles, clamps and even just nuts to tighten the inverted bolts into place makes positioning and configuration a snap.

Additionally, without the need for permanent fastening of the components, the configuration possibilities are endless along the track. Tracks can even be designed to intersect to allow movement of components from one track to another to address any possible options for use.

Different Options

There are different types of fixtures or hardware options that can be slid up and into the t-track for optimal efficiency and configurations. One of the most commonly used is the t-bolt, which has a head designed to slide into the t-track.

As there are different sizes of T channel available it is important to know the track size when buying the bolts or hardware items. These bolts will be longer and shorter to accommodate different types of knobs or hardware additions to the track.

The cross points, or connection points for different tracks to come together, can be purchased separately or they can be made. It is critical to have a seamless surface of contact at the cross point to avoid the bolt heads or the hardware getting hung up on an uneven surface area.

Another option for any t-track system is a hold down or a clamp. These are a solid bar that fits over the bolt and is then held in place by a knob. Tightening the knob puts pressure on the workpiece, effectively hold it in the perfect position for your work needs.

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