Building Structures Using Steel in Oklahoma

The construction industry has grown rapidly over the years. This growth has largely been attributed to the discovery of better building materials such as steel. These materials have made it easy to make metal structures off site. The following are some of the major steps followed when constructing off-site Steel Oklahoma metal structures.

Customer order

First, the customer places an order to have a metal structure constructed. The order is received by the sales attendant who then notifies the assembling department. The department proceeds to study the order and immediately starts to gather the required building components.

Actual assembly

In this stage, the engineers begin the process of joining the various parts of the building. The process involves wielding and soldering of the metal joints. The customer order document acts as the guide to this process so that their exact specifications are met.

Fine tuning

The engineers proceed to review the building and eliminate any defects that may have occurred during the construction process. Fining tuning entails grinding and filing the joints to make them smooth and more appealing. View website for more info.

Quality assurance

Once the engineers have completed constructing the metal structure, it is further reviewed by the quality assurance team. Part of the team’s work involves testing the building to the limits by exposing it to extreme conditions to determine its ability to withstand such conditions. The building can only be handed over to the customer once the quality assurance team is satisfied that the building is up to standard.


If the metallic structure has passed through all the above stages successfully, it becomes ready for transport to the required site. The transport team carefully loads it inside a truck ensuring that it will not be damaged while in transit. After getting to the destination, it is offloaded and fixed to the specified site.

The process of building Steel Oklahoma metal structures is quite complex in all aspects. As such, you should engage the services of professionals from Taylor Building Systems to ensure that you get everything right. For more information about constructing steel metal structures, and how you can hire the services of a professional, visit us website.


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