Benefits of Terrazzo Countertops

Terrazzo counters are not a new invention. Back in the day mostly wooden counters were used, but some kitchens were also equipped with terrazzo borders at the stove. In the late 1980s terrazzo got a renaissance – first as tabletop/inlaid sinks for bathrooms, and later as kitchen terrazzo countertops.


Terrazzo has many of the same properties as concrete countertops. The surface is tough but silky to the touch. The product is heat-resistant and withstands setting down a hot pan. However,, terrazzo does not tolerate acidic products, such as red wine and fruit juices, or harsh cleaning products. So it is important to wipe the surface once it has been in contact with vegetables and fluids containing acid. Terrazzo is composed of marble, stone, or glass and a bonding agent.


Color-wise, there are a myriad of options, since stone and glass are available in many different colors and different colors of inlaid marble stone can be combined in countless ways. Now there are manufactured countertops where marble chippings are replaced by either flint or colored glass shards. These provide new and different expressions, each of which allows more color and combination possibilities than traditional terrazzo countertop.

Do You Desire Back Edging?

Back edging in terrazzo can match your countertop and is a flexible solution, since the counter top tiles are installed first when the counter is mounted. This provides the advantage that the tile can cover any gap between wall and countertops due to any distortions in space. A transition between the countertop and backsplash can make your countertop appear larger, (no matter the actual size) but does take away around an inch of counter space. It will, however, tie in the wall to the counter, making it less of a harsh transition from countertop backsplash.

Back edging in terrazzo countertops is, depending on the supplier, either molded together with the table top or glued on the back plate so that it acts as an integral part of the table top. It can also be included separately, if you are installing it yourself. Trend Terrazzo can provide either option. Contact them today to learn about terrazzo for your home at 866 508-7363.

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