Benefits of Custom Plastic Gears in Washington

by | Oct 24, 2017 | Machine

If your Washington business uses gears, you may want to think about contacting a company that specializes in custom plastic gears. Instead of standard “off the shelf gears” (that may or may not fill your needs perfectly) you can receive the benefits of designing and producing parts specifically made for your applications, and this comes with a wide range of advantages. Here are some good reasons to consider these services.

Why Plastic?

Plastic offers several advantages over metal. For example, it’s a lighter material, and this can give you lighter machinery that’s more efficient. Plastics do not corrode or rust when exposed to moisture, like many metals. They are a cost-effective solution for many products. Today’s custom plastic gears in Washington can be reinforced with a number of materials to make them strong and long-lasting.


When you come to a shop that offers custom machining for gears, you get to work with engineering professionals that understand the physics of gear-driven machinery and products. They can help you choose the right size gears, the best materials, and they can become part of your R&D team or do the designing for you.

Less Wear and Tear

Custom plastic gears designed for your equipment will run smoothly with no problems. Because they are perfectly sized, they operate with greater efficiency and less wear and tear is placed on them. This gives you more durable products and equipment and your customers in Washington will appreciate this feature.

No More “Out of Stock” Gears

Once your custom gear shop has your design on file, they can make you as many spare parts as you need. This lets you keep plenty of parts on hand, and there are no problems with discontinued or hard to find parts. This is a good way to keep your business running smoothly without any interruptions due to repairs.

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