Before You Shop Boat Stands for Sale

by | Jun 10, 2016 | Boat Trailers

A boat stand is an essential element for anyone wishing to store a large water vessel. Whether you store hundreds of boats or only a few, you may need to increase your capacity and this means checking out available boat stands for sale. So which is the best product for your business and why? Let’s explore some of the options to help simplify the process of shopping.

Size and Weight Matters

The weight and size of the boat has a lot to do with determining the proper stands. Stands are designed to support the boat’s keel. Power boats should have a minimum of four stands (2 pair). Sailboats will require an additional stand (for a total of 5) because you need something to support the bow also. In addition, bow supporting stands for sailboats should have swivel tops. Four stands will work for a 20-foot boat, but if it is longer, you would need more. Each extra 10 feet of length requires another pair of stands. For example, a 42-foot vessel would need 4 pairs (8) of stands. This is important to know so you do not have to go back out shopping boat stands for sale after you make your original purchase.

Finding the Right Stands

You should make sure your new stands are built to withstand marine environments. Steel stands are very strong and if they have been treated to resist rust, you can get many years of use from them. If you want to save money, you can choose painted stands but hot dip galvanized stands may provide better protection against corrosion.

Wooden pads will provide good protection and will not break down like some kinds of rubber or plastic pads. However, make sure the wood has been specially treated to resist the marine type environment they will be exposed to.

Choose stands which can easily be stacked. This way, you can store them when not in use and they will take up minimal space in your place of business.

Helpful Tips

Before using your stands, make sure you have firm ground to stand on. In some places the ground beneath may be too soft to properly support the weight of a large boat, so you may need to lay down dunnage material first.

Dunnage for firmer ground is a good idea but using blocks to raise the stands can compromise their ability to support the boat. When you shop boat stands for sale, make sure to ask your provider for proper directions on how to use them, and inquire about service and warranties.

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