Beer Bottling Equipment: Choosing The Basics

As a small producer, setting up your production, you face a number of hurdles. One of the more difficult tasks you need to tackle concerns bottling. It can also prove to be one of the most expensive. When you add up all your financial outlay for your new craft beer, one of the most costly can prove to be the beer bottling equipment. Since this is the case, you had better get it right immediately.

Looking at the Outlay

The financial outlay for a beer bottling system can seem prohibitive. In order to ensure you make a profit from your product, you will need to consider what system to choose. You will also have to specifically address the issue of production amount. In many instances, the equipment is geared towards brewers who produce substantial amounts of product. In other words, certain bottling systems are only cost-effective if the brewer produces a certain amount of beer.

Moreover, because of the need to not only bottle but also package the beer appropriately, other costs rack up the amount a brewer has invested in such things as:

 * Carriers
 * Case boxes
 * Crown caps
 * Labels

In fact, the cost of printing can be costly on its own. It involves not simply running off the labels. It also encompasses such things as set-up costs every time you need a different label, or when you have several different labels for your products. Even if you stock up, you still have money tied up in storage and package inventory.

Basic Types of Beer Bottling Systems

You do have some options when you come to beer bottling equipment. These systems can be as basic as a manual operating system. They can also be more complex – involving automated and computerized systems. The choice is yours to make. However, it is always wise to talk to the professionals about your goals before you decide on any system. As noted previously, the financial outlay is expensive. You cannot afford to make this kind of mistake.

Beer Bottling Equipment: Fillers

One of the more important components of your beer bottle filling equipment is the fillers. You need to choose them based on your specific need, budget, and output. The basic types are:

 * In-line and Tandem fillers: These can fill between one and 8 bottles at a time.
 * Rotary fillers: These high-speed machines have a carousel. They can feed anywhere from 20 to over 1000 bottles per minute. Types include:
   o Short tube or vent tube filler (non pre-evacuation
   o Long tube beer filler
   o Short tube beer filler (SINGLE and Dual pre-evacuation)

These are the basic beer filling types. They clearly indicate the market they serve. You have to make certain to choose the right beer bottling equipment, including fillers that can adapt to your goals and requirements. If you make an error, it can prove to be not only costly but even ruinous.

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