Tips for Maintaining Brewery Equipment

Having the right brewery equipment is the first step to establishing a modern brewing facility. You need to make a decision on the type of equipment that you should invest in as you plan to set up the facility. One way of doing this is by consulting other brewing experts and visiting reputable companies that are well known for their exceptional skills of developing brewing equipment.

After the purchase, you need to take good care of the equipment to derive maximum utility. Here are some worthy gold tips on how to maintain them.

Overtime, debris, and deposits will accumulate inside the equipment, and this can easily compromise the quality of the beer. To avoid this, you should include cleaning in your to-do list and take the time to learn how each of the machines should be cleaned. For instance, you need to use the right chemicals and at the right frequency to avoid compromising the efficiency of the machine. Experts recommend having a preventive cleaning schedule to save time, labor, and money especially in the current wake of companies brewing round the clock.

Check Heat Conductivity
As mentioned in the previous paragraph, most breweries are now making beers continuously in a bid to meet the market demand. Unknown to them is that this can lead to losing of heat conductivity due to fouled kettle. Reduced conductivity has a direct impact on the rate of evaporation, boil-to-boil times, and kettle gravity. A combination of all these factors will lower the quality of the beer that you supply to the market. Hence, you need to check the heat conductivity rate of your equipment regularly to ensure that it does not fall or exceed the recommended level.

Check the Solenoid Valves
When running a brewing facility, you need to know the importance of solenoid valves and their effect on the quality of beer. They can shut down, release, dose, and mix liquids and gases at any time. If you do not know what a solenoid valve is, this is a special valve controlled by an electric current that flows through the solenoid. It is recommendable to check the condition of the valve periodically to be sure that it is working as efficiently as it should. If you often use it to control chemicals such as glycol in the cooling jackets, check the amount that it allows flowing through to get the best results

These are the three most important maintenance that you should do on your brewery equipment from time to time. Check the user’s manual for more tips on how to keep it upbeat.

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