Auto Insurance Agency in Miami, FL Talks Insurance After DUIs

After being found guilty of DUI, it can be hard to get back on the road. You could be charged with a crime and lose your current insurance after you are convicted. If you decide to keep your coverage, your rate may go up for a few years or until the DUI is removed from your record. That could take anywhere from five to ten years or even longer in some states. With all of these problems, finding auto insurance plans after a DUI can be difficult, but companies such as Del Toro Insurance think it shouldn’t be.

How Car Insurance Is Different After a DUI

According to a reputable auto insurance agency in Miami, FL if you get a DUI, it will stay on your record for a long time. Your car insurance rates will probably increase until the DUI is removed from your record. Before setting your rate, insurance companies usually look at your driving record from the last three to five years. If you have a DUI, they may charge you more for liability protection coverage and raise your insurance rates. Some insurance companies will not cover drivers at all if they have been in multiple accidents in the last three to five years.

How Long DUIs Remain on Driving Records

Most states keep DUIs on your record for five to ten years, while some keep them forever. DUI punishments vary by state, however, they can include license suspension or SR-22 requirements. Any auto insurance agency in Miami, FL an SR-22 certifies to the government that you have the minimum car insurance. If your SR-22 is canceled, the state may revoke your license immediately. Many states add points to your license when you commit a violation or infraction. Certain states erase points from your license each year you drive safely.

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