Auto Body Repair in Johnson County Are Experts at All Aspects of Collision Work

When your car has been damaged in an accident, you want it restored to its original condition prior to the accident. Cars are expensive to buy, and therefore, you will want to keep the car you have but restore it to a condition you will be proud of.

The Auto Body Repair in Johnson County uses the Genesis II computerized measuring system. This system allows the measurement of the frame and unibody of the vehicle to determine if your vehicle has unibody or frame damage. This system enables access to the data base for any make, model year and the vehicle manufacture whether the vehicle is foreign or domestic. and provide a before and after dimension print out enabling the technicians to monitor the mechanical repair on the computer screen. The technician knows where and how to straighten your unibody or frame to the millimeter. The unibody and frame technicians are trained and certified, and they have multiple years of experience. They have one goal, and that goal is perfection.

The auto body repair shop has the equipment for unibody and frame pulls. The technicians are trained in the latest techniques using equipment capable of several separate pulls simultaneously by activating one switch. They can work on small unibody vehicles or the largest vehicles. The Auto Body Repair in Johnson County is capable of making complex repairs.

When a body part cannot be repaired, the estimator or the technicians will purchase an OEM part if your insurance company will approve the expense. If they won’t, then the technicians will go to the good sources for the best in salvaged parts. They will find a quality part with no damage. Often several body parts are not damaged, but one expensive wiring harness along with other damage puts the vehicle into the scrap category.

The high tech paint matching equipment will use OEM PPG paint to paint the part, and it will blend in with the car without being noticed. All of the technicians are devoted to returning your vehicle to you looking even better than it did before the accident. The auto body repair in Johnson City will help you get your car back on the road and you can start the repair process if you Contact them today.


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