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Have you ever searched for “sanitary products close to me”? At Master Cleaning Supply we have a wide selection of commercial cleaning products to fit your every need. Our microfiber cleaning system is a special product line that will make a huge difference in the cleanliness of your business.

Cleaning with microfiber cloths is a revolutionary process that dispenses with much traditional washing and rinsing with detergent and cleaning fluid. Microfiber cloths, manufactured from microscopic filaments of polyester and polyamide, contain many times the number of fibers that traditional cloths have. This quality renders the cloths highly absorbent and capable of picking up microscopic particles of dirt and even, harmful bacteria.

How to Use Microfiber Products

Microfiber cloths and mops pick dirt easily from the majority of hard surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom, from windowpanes and countertops, walls and floors, without the need for detergent or cleaning fluid. Lightly soiled surfaces are rendered shiny, sparkling and squeaky clean with a few touches, while a little water aids the cleaning of a very dirty surface. However, the powerful absorbency of microfiber products means that the cloth or mop used will require thorough rinsing in hot water, following use.

The Specialist Needs of Microfiber Products

Because of the dangers of harboring bacteria and pollutants, microfiber cloths should be used for cleaning purposes only. When not in use, the microfiber cloth must be stored apart from other household cloths, towels, and linens. Microfiber cloth and mop rinsing should be done in dedicated plastic containers, a material that inhibits the growth of bacterial spores and other microbes. Be sure to dispose of water afterward.

Specialist Microfiber Products

Our company provides a range of microfiber products to homes and businesses, and can be bought separately or in bulk and delivered directly to your address. We stock cloths for general cleaning, and cloths and pads for specialist cleaning purposes, for example, cleaning glass. We sell a wide range of microfiber mop attachments, heads and frames, dust mitts and cleaning wands. We also stock dedicated cleaning buckets and microfiber product containers, made of hygienic plastic. So next time you go to search for “sanitary products near me” you can go to to fill all of your commercial cleaning needs.

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