3 Things You Need to Rent Your First Apartment

You have finally decided it’s time to get out on your own and have found the perfect Santa Barbara apts for rent in your area. You are ready to fill out the rental application, then you stop, pen posed not at all sure what you even need to make the apartment yours. Read on below for a few of the top things you’re going to need to rent your first apartment.

Your Recent Paystubs

If you think about it, the landlord asking for your paystubs is actually a smart thing to do. His main concern is that you pay your rent every month, on time. He asks for your pay stubs in order to prove that you are gainfully employed and that you make what you told him you make every month. So, before you sit down to fill out that application for the Sant Barbara apts for rent in your area, dig out your pay stubs as well.


Many landlords or property managers ask for references on the application to rent an apartment. These are people that you have rented from in the past, or in the case of this being your first apartment, people that can tell the landlord if you pay your bills on time.

Your Job History

Many landlords will ask for your job history as well. They want to make sure that you have a proven track record of keeping a job so that you can pay your rent on time. Remember, without a job, you can’t hope to meet the rent.

These are just a few of the top things you will need to rent your first apartment. From recent paystubs to references, keep these things will you when filling out the application. For more information on Santa Barbara apts for rent, contact the professionals at Live The Marc for help.

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