Are Silver College Rings a New Tradition?

Since class rings became a tradition in 1835, rings have held more sentimental value than most pieces of jewelry. This tradition first began in the United States Military Academy and then worked its way up to high schools. Each year, more and more students in high schools purchase class rings because these rings hold a meaning to them. These class rings are a welcoming for them into the adult world. These rings were meant to be a sign of achievement for students having successfully completed their high school years. But as the tradition continues, a new tradition has begun. Click here for more information.

Now a days, colleges have begun to also provide their students with class rings. However, these rings hold more of a reasoning then high school class rings. Initially, the class rings were given to students to welcome them in to the adult world. Yet, students do not fully enter the adult world until after college. College is when children become adults because this is when they learn to live on their own.

Some people may not think it is necessary for colleges to give class rings, but it is the complete opposite. College is what teaches children how to grow up and survive without the help of their parents. College is where children become adults on their own. Silver College Rings should become a new tradition aside from high school rings. Colleges should hold ring ceremonies just like high schools do.

Sure, children enter adulthood after graduating high school. But adulthood really begins after you graduate college because that’s when you have to look for a real career and when its time to move out of your parents house. This is when real life really begins. That is the time of your life in which you must fly away from the nest and begin your own life. That is the moment that your parents will really be proud of you and your hard work. Silver College Rings will allow these students to feel accomplished of getting through both high school and college. These college rings will be a token of their hard work and their welcoming into adulthood. Tradition or not, everyone deserves a token for getting through their college years. Contact J. Jenkins Sons Company for some fresh ideas.

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