Aqua Zyme’s Dewatering Containers in Texas

by | Jan 24, 2020 | Waste Management

Dewatering waste makes it easier for disposal into local landfills. At Aqua Zyme, there are a variety of dewatering containersto rent based on the type of waste you are disposing. If your organization produces a large amount of waste that needs to be properly disposed, consider us as your waste disposal experts!

Renting one of our dewatering containers breaks down waste so that is safe in landfill without causing pollution. Your waste is combined with our polymer formula inside a large container that helps to break it down and form solid waste. This is called enhanced flocculation. Water is drained out of the waste in our container so that it can be more easily processed when it is sent to your local sewage plant.

Our dewatering containers can even be customized to be mobile for your convenience. Mobile containers help to remove waste, if you have work going on at multiple sites at the same time. The containers themselves are not that complex to operate. Only a small amount of workers are needed to operate it efficiently. In the long run, this reduces labor costs for your organization.

If you are looking to cut labor costs and find way to dispose of your waste properly, call Aqua Zyme today for a free quote at (979)-245-5656. If your organization is located in Texas, take the first step of disposing your waste properly, so that the environment can continue to thrive as you continue to do your organization’s business.

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