What Is A Roll-Off Dumpster?

by | May 23, 2024 | Waste Management

If you are thinking of doing a remodel or cleaning out a garage, you will probably need a dumpster. While there are many different kinds of bins or dumpsters from which to choose, for a large job, you should consider renting a roll-off dumpster. This will facilitate the removal of the waste resulting from whatever project you plan to undertake. Defining Roll-Off Dumpster A roll-off dumpster, also known as a roll-off container or roll-off bin, is a large, rectangular-shaped disposal container. It is differentiated from others by both its size and the addition of wheels. The wheels allow the vehicle to be wheeled off the truck and into place. Wheels also make it convenient to move or push it into a specific spot on site. Sizes Whether you rent a roll-off dumpster in Asheville NC or Nashville TN, you have a choice of diverse sizes. They tend to fall into one of the following four size categories:
  1. Small – These are typically between three to five yards in size.
  2. Medium – They are usually from six to eight yards in dimension.
  3. Large – Typically, these are sized at around 10 yards.
  4. Extra-Large –This size of dumpster or bin is a minimum of 10 yards.
Choosing the right size depends upon your knowledge of the amount of waste your project will produce. It is always important and sensible to contact a waste disposal company. You can use its knowledge and experience to find out which size will best serve your needs.

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