An Overview Of Real Estate Judgment Services

by | Mar 26, 2018 | Financial Services

A lawsuit can be a very lengthy process, and it can be an emotional drain on all involved. For the individual that wins the suit, it is very likely that the judgment will be recorded as a lien against real property that the individual or entity that loses the suit owns. While this is some progress, unless you think about selling judgments for cash to a reputable company that buys judgments, you may have even more problems with collecting.

Mayflower Judgments, a division of Mayflower Capital, is a top example of a reputable, professional company that can help those individuals who find they have a judgment or lien in their favor.

When a company offers to buy a judgment, you are actually selling judgments for cash. In other words, the company that purchases judgment and liens will provide you with an agreed upon payment, and they will assume the lien. This gives you immediate access to cash without the need to try to collect on the judgment or lien.

The Complications of Trying to Collect

When many people find they have a judgment or a real estate lien, they assume the battle is over, and they have won. What they don’t realize is that the complications often outweigh the possibility of being able to collect.

This is when a company that will provide an honest, transparent, fast and simple evaluation process on the judgment can help. These companies will be able to immediately evaluate the lien and then pay an agreed upon amount, usually right on the spot.

If you are interested in selling a judgment or a lien, look for a company that advertises “We pay in cash.” Don’t agree to a contingency arrangement where you get a percentage of what they collect; this can take months or years to resolve and may never result in any money.

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