Why Should You Consider Hiring a Workers Compensation Attorney in Pittsburgh PA

Injuries can occur with any job, though some are more dangerous than others. Worker’s Compensation Laws were put in place to help protect workers and their employers, should an injury occur on the job. Those who are injured need to be aware of their rights and their need for a Workers Compensation Attorney in Pittsburgh PA.

Understanding the Worker’s Compensation Laws

Workers in the state of Pennsylvania need to be aware of the laws that govern worker’s compensation. The Pennsylvania Worker’s Compensation Act was enacted in 1915. Once this act was put into place, injured workers were entitled to receive medical benefits and compensation for their lost wages. The act also protected employers from direct lawsuits being filed against them by their injured workers.

If someone is injured on the job, they must report the injury to their employer within 21 days. Once an injury report has been filed, the employer must then file a claim with their insurance company so the claim can be reviewed. Employers have seven days to report the worker’s injury to their insurance company.

The employer and insurance company have 21 days to decide on whether or not the injured worker’s claim will be approved. If a denial is given, the injured worker has the option of filing an appeal.

Get Legal Help Right Away

Many injured workers find it beneficial to hire a Workers Compensation Attorney in Pittsburgh PA. Even if the injured worker does not feel there will be any issues with their injury claim, it is wise to seek legal help from the beginning so the worker’s rights can be protected.

Scheduling a consultation appointment is crucial for ensuring an injured worker’s claim will be given the attention it deserves. The attorney will actively pursue the employer and make sure they are held accountable for paying the compensation the injured worker is owed.

Call the Law Offices Of Hall & Copetas right away to schedule your appointment and get the legal help you need. Allow them to guide you through each step and decision in the process so you can receive the fair outcome you deserve.

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