An Experienced Court Reporting Company Can Capture Every Moment Of Your Hearing

Recording legal proceedings is incredibly important to your case. It doesn’t matter if your case is large or small; having an accurate record of what transpired could mean the difference of winning or losing a case. If you’re going to take depositions in your case, contacting a court reporting company that is experienced is imperative.

A Court Reporting Company can offer such services as:

* Videoconferencing

* Trial presentations

* Video streaming

* In-house videographers

* Interactive real-time reporting

* Secure transcript/exhibit repository

* Interpreter/translation arrangements

* And are available 24/7.

Waiting for a transcript to be transcribed for weeks can be frustrating to your case. With an experienced firm, you will not have to wait. If depositions are a large part of your cases, use legal videos. A firm can set up videos for depositions that you can utilize in court. They also have videography services that can include accident scene reenactments. These videos can have a larger impact on the jury.

If you are unable to leave your office for a deposition, they can set up the deposition and live stream it into your office. This gives you a chance to take notes and ask questions with your other team members present. All you need for this real-time technology is high speed internet. It also gives you the opportunity to stay one step ahead of the witness.

If you have meeting that has nothing to do with the legal process but is important to your business, have it videotaped. You can have your meeting at Gore Brothers Reporting & Video Company, Inc. Their convenient downtown locations are fully equipped to record your important corporate meeting. Ideas and brainstorming sessions can be recorded. This eliminates the need for notes being taken and possibly missing key ideas.

A professional court reporting company can digitize all of your legal files eliminating carrying big bulky files. They can take evidence and present it into a graphic animation on equipment that can be set up in the courtroom. Your impact on the jury will increase with these types of presentations. You don’t need to carry a big bulky file around with depositions and your case files any longer. Hire a professional court reporting company and lessen your load.

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