Advantages of Live Rock in New York City Aquariums

Having a saltwater aquarium means learning about ecosystems and how each species plays a vital role in the mini-ocean that is your fish tank. You may have heard of live rock or live sand. Are these new aquarium species? Are they a creepy hybrid between a fish and a rock? Will they be taking over the planet anytime soon? Actually, live rock and live sand are just common terms for sand or rocks that contain microscopic flora and fauna. Here are some advantages of Live Rock in New York City Aquariums and elsewhere.

Works in Most Kinds of Saltwater Aquariums

Do you have a saltwater fish tank that only contains fish? Or just critters like starfish or shrimp? Perhaps you have clown fish and sea anemones which are a popular and colorful combination. No matter what you keep in your tank, Live Rock in New York City will easily fit in and start giving out benefits.

Provides Needed Filtration

Additional filtration is always needed in a saltwater tank, especially if one type of filtration fails. Live rock or live sand helps ease the load off of other filtration systems. It should be used in conjunction with other types of filtration systems and not as a substitute. It’s classified as a biological filter but is not as efficient as commercially available bio-balls. However, live rock and live sand still help other filtration systems convert dangerous ammonia into less harmful chemicals like nitrates.

Provides Additional Natural Food For Grazing Fish

Many saltwater fish in the pet trade are plant eaters or grazers such as tangs and dwarf angelfish. They need a wide variety of foods to stay healthy. The plant growth on live rocks helps gives these fish food that they would get in the wild. When fish have full bellies, they are less apt to attack each other.

Live rock not only looks good but helps to remove harmful ammonia from your saltwater tank. It also contains more natural food for your plant-eating fishes. If you still have questions about how live rock or live sand can benefit your aquarium and live in the New York City area, contact  today.

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