A Service Providing Bail Bonds in Norman OK Allows People to Continue With Normal Life

U.S. citizens are supposed to be considered innocent of any crime unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Nevertheless, unless someone can afford to pay bail, it’s likely this will individual will be stuck in jail until the trial date after being charged with a crime and arrested. Bail Bonds in Norman OK offer a solution. For a percentage of the cash bail being demanded, a licensed service will provide a bond to the court that substitutes for bail and allows the person to regain freedom.

Many crimes have bail amounts set by the jurisdiction, while people charged with more unusual and more serious crimes must wait to have bail set by a judge. The judge can allow a person to leave without paying any bail if he or she is highly unlikely to run away and not show up for court dates. Judges evaluate factors such as ties to the community, the person’s family and type of job. In many cases, the judge sets bail that the arrested person cannot pay. Bail Bonds in Norman OK become essential to prevent the individual’s life from being ruined while he or she sits in jail for weeks or months before trial. Some people feel compelled to accept a plea bargain from the prosecution in this situation, even if they would not have done so otherwise. The prospect of being incarcerated for a lengthy time frame when they have done nothing wrong is intolerable.

The legal system is more difficult to navigate for people in poverty and those in the working class. They generally don’t have much in the way of savings and may not be able to use real estate as collateral for bail. A bail amount of $5,000 or even $2,500 is far out of reach for many individuals, and they may not have friends or relatives who can afford this payment either. They also may hate to ask for that kind of favor. Instead, they may contact a company like Ken Boyer Bail Bonds for help and the chance to continue with life as normally as possible under the circumstances.

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