A Premises Liability Lawyer in Live Oak FL Helps When Insurers Are Uncooperative

A person who has been injured on someone else’s property may be the victim of negligence. If this is the case, a Premises Liability Lawyer in Live Oak FL can help this man or woman obtain a settlement from the property owner’s insurance company. A common example is when a commercial establishment fails to keep its floors dry after people track in rainwater, and a customer slips and falls.

Calculating a Settlement

This individual’s medical insurance may pay for treatment, but the person may have a high deductible or co-pay amount that would be a hardship. In addition, if this man or woman has to take time off work for recovery, those wages go unpaid. A Premises Liability Lawyer in Live Oak FL calculates a reasonable amount that the insurer should pay and sends a demand letter. The insurer may attempt to negotiate a lower amount.

Conditions for Premises Liability

Certain conditions must be met for premises liability to be established. For example, the owner of the building or designated representatives, such as managers and supervisors, should have been aware of the problem. If rain is pouring outside, they should realize that the floor is going to get wet as people walk in. If nobody took measures to warn customers of the wet floor or to mop up the water, the building owner will probably be considered liable.

Insurer Tactics

Insurance adjusters may use tactics to undermine the case. For instance, the person may have mainly felt embarrassed after falling and not realized that an injury had occurred. The immediate reaction to people expressing concern may have been to say, “I’m OK.” Later, that inaccurate comment might be used against this person.

Being Able to Stop Worrying

After an injured person hires a lawyer such as Duane E. Thomas, that individual can stop worrying about trying to negotiate a fair settlement with an uncooperative insurance company. Instead, recovery can be focused on and the stress of dealing with insurers set aside. Once a settlement has been approved by both sides, payment is made quickly. A person who wants to learn more about this particular lawyer may visit Northfloridaautoaccidentlawyer.com.

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