A Motor Driven by a Power Supply

by | Apr 21, 2016 | Business

In order to make a three-phase induction motor work effectively, it is important to choose the proper power supply. One such power source is a 3Phase Angle Adjustable Power Source. These particular power sources offer a more controlled option when it comes to monitor feedback and the overall voltage and current regulations. What are a few of the features that might be offered by your supplier?

Features of an Adjustable Power Source

By providing an adjustable power source, a manufacturer can make the proper adjustments to effectively test a variety of parts within their manufacturing system. Yet these power sources also offer functions that allow to make other adjustments. One of these is the ability to adjust the output amplitudes and the output frequencies. Therefore, your testing can be even more accurate with these available functions.

There are also options to adjust output phases and the output enabled/disabled. For those that are using a PC to monitor testing and to also track the data collected, there are also open/closed loop controls with various interfaces. However, you must be sure to choose all of your interfaces correctly, to make sure that everything is compatible with your main power source. Talk with your supplier to see if they can provide both to increase the compatibility throughout the system. It will also provide you a source for replacement parts.

Application Types

These power sources are especially useful with applications that require more accurate phase adjustments. If you need to track the external feedback to make further adjustments to the voltage and current regulations, then these power sources can be customized to account for these options.

Depending on your application, you might need to have a multi-channel programmable power source. These are widely used in a variety of industries, including airplane manufacturing, industrial testing facilities and even military research. Other types of testing facilities may use these power sources for a variety of research applications.

Therefore, as a testing facility or manufacturer, you need to determine the necessary functionality for your 3Phase Angle Adjustable Power Source. By doing so, you can find the correct supplier to customize it to fit your testing needs.

Amp-Line is an industrial provider of power sources, amplifiers and frequency converters. They can also customize a 3Phase Angle Adjustable Power Source to fit a variety of applications, in both private and public industrial testing facilities.

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