A Few of the Many Reasons to Purchase Quality Life Insurance in Sulphur, LA

by | Feb 29, 2016 | Insurance

Planning for a person death is by no means an easy conversation to have. Working out all of the details can be a lot of work, but making sure family members who are left behind have the money they need to make ends meet shouldn’t be. Everyone should have a quality life insurance policy that will provide loved ones with the money they need to carry out last wishes and have the money needed to grieve without worrying about bills. While there are many reasons to have Life Insurance in Sulphur LA, the following represent the top three.

Savings Account : One of the least talked about benefits of Life Insurance in Sulphur LA, is the ability to cash it out before death. Once the policy reaches maturity, it will then be possible to cash out the policy or borrow against it. It is important to note that while cashing out a policy upon death is tax exempt, most report that cashing it out early can result in taxes amounting to 35 percent of the amount borrowed.

Charitable Donation : Many people are concerned with leaving behind a legacy that they can be proud of. Most choose to donate a portion of their insurance payout to one or more charitable organizations. It is a good idea to estimate what funeral expenses will cost, and make sure that the amount donated won’t leave family members with a large bill.

Replace Dependent Income : If a person is the main source of income for a household, their death can mean financial ruin for those left behind. Make sure loved ones have money to pay monthly bills for at least 12 months after death. This will make the loss easier for them to bear and will prevent them from worrying about losing a house or car during an already stressful time.

Don’t wait to get life insurance that can give family peace of mind. The agents at Curtis Insurance of Louisiana can help anyone determine what type of insurance policy will best suit their needs and what amount will provide the financial stability needed for those left behind. Call them or visit to learn more, and take the first step in preparing for a person’s last days.

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