Choosing the Correct Auto Insurance

Just about everyone drives a vehicle. It is required by law that every vehicle and licensed driver be covered by auto insurance.

When you are ready to shop for auto insurance in Decatur, GA; it is a good idea to compare prices for each policy from several different insurance companies.

When comparing auto quotes, make sure you are comparing the exact coverage with another policy with the exact coverage. Policies can differ based on the type of coverage, policy limits, deductible amounts, auto insurance riders, and features.

Liability insurance pays for damages and injuries you cause to others when you hit another vehicle. Policy limits for auto insurance are generally expressed using three numbers, 30/60/40, 100/300/100 or some other variation of amounts. The first number is the maximum amount the policy will pay for injuries for each person. The second number is the maximum amount the policy will pay per accident, and the third number is the maximum amount the policy will pay for property damage for a covered incident.

Auto insurance riders are additions to the policy which for additional protection. Riders can include rental coverage, accident forgiveness, or roadside service.

PIP or personal injury protection pays for medical bills or lost wages due to a covered accident.

Medical payments or MedPay is used to pay for medical expenses incurred from a covered accident. A policyholder cannot have both Medical payments and PIP. They must choose one or the other.

Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage is to protect you if you are struck by a vehicle with no coverage or not enough coverage to pay for damages.

Collision and comprehensive policies will protect you, your vehicle, and your property. It will pay to fix or reimburse you for the damage to your vehicle.

Comparing insurance quotes on auto insurance in Decatur, GA will help you get the right price with the right coverage.

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