8 Steps to Installing a Garage Door Opener

Installing a door opener for your garage doesn’t have to difficult—not if you know what you’re doing. If you don’t, then all you need is plenty of research to point you to the right direction. Read on for a few tips from HowStuffWorks to get you started:

8 Steps
Step 1: The door opener should be positioned right at the center of the door. Take the proper measurements to help you pinpoint the exact spot. A tape measure should be handy in determining the width of the garage door. Half of the width is the center. On the inside of the door, up the top, put a short vertical line that goes through the center of the door. Install the drawbar here.
Step 2: Determine the highest point of the door. Put the rail above that. That will prevent the door from hitting the rail whenever you open it.
Step 3: Find a location right above your garage door to which you can securely attach the front end of the rail.
Step 4: Attach the rail to the motor unit you have on the garage floor. Make sure you follow the instructions in the kit. Lift and fasten the outermost of the rail right to the front mounting plank at exactly two inches above the intersecting marks you made. Don’t remember the marks? Review step one! Also, do this step when the garage doors are down.
Step 5: Put the motor assembly where the rail is horizontal. Check the door by raising and lowering it. If the height is right, it’s time to secure the motor assembly to the garage joists. Make sure you use toggle bolts for heavy-duty purposes when you secure the mounting hardware to the panel.
Step 6: Put the carriage to its closed-door position after connecting the drawbar to the rail carriage. Drill the holes in the door for your drawbar mounting screws. Mount the drawbar. Go back and tighten the hardware that holds the drawbar to the door to make sure it’s secure. You wouldn’t want accidents to happen like falling door opener parts so don’t leave until you know the entire thing will hold well and steady.
Step 7: Adjust the drive chain or lead screw, depending on what your door opener system needs.
Step 8: Put in the radio receiver.

These easy-to-follow steps effectively walk you through the process, but there are plenty of situations in which you’ll find yourself needing a professional garage door opener in Dane County Wi.

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