Getting an Overhead Door Installed in Chicago, IL Isn’t Difficult

by | Mar 8, 2023 | Garage Door Supplier

Garage door installation in Chicago, IL may seem daunting, especially because you dwell in this enormous city with dozens of options. However, you only need one really good garage door company and its installers to install a new overhead garage door for you. Once you have that one garage door installer lined up, the installation process goes pretty fast.

Removing the Old Door

The installers take about thirty minutes to an hour removing the old garage door. All of the related hardware for the old door that can’t be used for the new door is taken down and out. The installers then install the new hardware that holds the new door in place. The new hardware, when needed, takes another thirty minutes to an hour.

Installing the New Door

The last and final step is installing the new garage door. If everything else is properly installed, the new door will go into its tracks and wired up to roll up and down in about a half hour or less. You can expect to have a new and fully functional garage door installed in three hours or less.

If you have a much larger roll-up door than the standard residential garage door, you should expect to add about two hours more to the installation time. These taller and/or wider doors are exceedingly heavy and difficult to manipulate during installation. They may require more than two installation experts. To find out more about garage door installation in Chicago, IL, contact Crystal Overhead Door Inc.

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