5 Reasons to Choose ASE Certified Mechanics

by | Dec 19, 2017 | car parts

When you have a vehicle that needs repair, you have a lot of options here in Cincinnati. You can take your pick of service providers, and you might end up with quality repair in most cases – but why take the chance? One of the easiest ways to ensure that your car or truck will be back on the road in no time is to choose an ASE-certified auto repair service in Cincinnati. But do you know why?

The ASE Proves We Know What We’re Doing

Getting an ASE certification is not as easy as just taking a test or paying for a license. You have to give the organization proof that you’ve been a service provider for more than two years, and then you have to go through vigorous testing in eight different areas of automotive mechanics.

ASE Certification is Always Up-to-Date

You have to be trained in the absolute latest auto repair technology to get an ASE certification. One of the key parts of having this certification is that it represents the latest and greatest in the industry. New vehicle technology is so complex compared to older model vehicles that it can be impossible for a mechanic not trained in newer vehicles to even diagnose an issue with certain cars.

ASE Certification Must Be Renewed

Every five years, we have to take another test to maintain our certification status. That means that even as technology changes in the future, we’ll still be knowledgeable in all the latest. When choosing ASE certified mechanics, you get a quality auto repair service in Cincinnati that will still be able to serve you a decade down the line.

ASE Certified Mechanics Cost You Less in the Long Run

One issue with non-certified auto services is that they make mistakes, simply because they are learning while they work on your car. This means more repairs for you in the future. However, ASE-certified mechanics already know what they are doing, and have the history to prove it. One repair costs you less overall.

Diagnose and Repair Those “Impossible” Problems

Finally, ASE mechanics are more likely to be able to uncover the real reason for those “unsolvable” issues you’ve had with a vehicle, that no other mechanic has been able to fix. Experience goes a long way to providing you with the service that you need for any kind of auto repair concern.

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