4 Top Tips for Wearing Men’s Jewelry

It’s an unfortunate fact that many men don’t believe that they can “pull off” wearing jewelry. While it’s obvious that most women have a handle on how to wear their favorite precious metals and stones, most of their spouses and significant others struggle.

It’s okay, guys. You don’t have to fear gifts of gold and silver Here is a quick guide to getting it right this year, so you can rock men’s gold chains, watches, rings – or anything else you want!

Select Something Simple – At Least at First

If you’re not used to wearing jewelry, the last thing you want to do is choose a piece that points that out for you. Select a simple gold chain, watch or bracelet for a dressed-up yet understated look, or a simple signet ring for a powerful statement that doesn’t distract.

One Thing at a Time

It can be a very good idea when you’re first experimenting with wearing jewelry to choose only one accessory to wear at a time. Go with a simple chain necklace or a ring, and don’t layer bracelets with watches or pair high-profile watches with rings. Let each piece make its own statement, and it will do the work for you.

Don’t Be Afraid to Branch Out

Once you’ve got a feel for wearing something shiny, don’t be afraid to step out on a limb and choose something a little more intricate. Look for watches with diamonds in the setting or select men’s gold chains that feature attractive pendants. You don’t have to go with the bare minimum just because you’re a man!

Jewelry is an Accessory – Wear It Like One

Remember, jewelry is an attractive way to add visual interest to your favorite outfits and looks, but it shouldn’t be the entire focus. Pair your favorite pieces with understated clothing to strike a great balance or add simple accessories to an already-stellar outfit to dial up the dressiness for a formal event.

Don’t be afraid to visit your local New York jeweler any longer! Let your loved ones give you the gift of jewelry or buy some yourself and enjoy the way you look when you’re fully accessorized!

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