4 Things Your Crime Defence Lawyer Must Have

by | Mar 17, 2023 | Attorney

A skilled lawyer can get your charges dropped. If you’ve been charged, know your rights. The first thing you need to do to protect those rights is to hire a lawyer. Here’s what to look for in an attorney who will represent you in court.


The best lawyers are responsive to their clients’ needs. If you asked a question or voiced concerns, does your lawyer take the time to walk you through the possible scenarios or explain the process to ease your worries? Find a crime defence lawyer in Singapore that can do that for you.


Some lawyers focus on family law. Others deal with corporate espionage and blackmail. And others yet deal with criminal law. You’ll want to choose a lawyer specializing in criminal law cases since that gives the attorney the unique perspective gleaned from working on these cases for years. They know the signs and nuances to expect and look for. That’s why it’s vital that you choose a lawyer with the right speciality.


Aside from knowledge of criminal law cases, you need a lawyer who is also experienced in the local courts. You want someone who can speak on your behalf and who has had considerable time standing up for clients in court. Their experience will ensure you have someone to stand up for your rights when you’re called in court. You’ll have someone who knows how to deal with the courts and tip the balance in your favour.


It wouldn’t hurt to look at feedback from other clients. What do they say? Did they run into any problems? What is their impression of the firm’s lawyers? Were they happy with the outcome of their cases? Will they hire the same lawyer if they find themselves in that situation again? Will they recommend the lawyer’s services? Research and find out.

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