4 Things to Keep in Mind About Window Screens and Replacements

Small tears or holes in your window screens should be easy enough to fix. Huge ones, though, might mean you’ll need to look for window screen replacement services in San Ramon. Here are a few helpful things to remember:

Old screens

If your screens are more than a couple of years old, then it’s about time you shopped for a replacement. The aluminum has probably turned brittle now and so it’s best that you look for new screens to put in place.

Damaged screens

Have a dog or cat? If your dog loves ramming through the screen until it breaks or if your cat treats your screens like a handy scratching post, then that’s going to take a toll on your screens. If the damage is too extensive, then spare yourself the time and trouble it would take you to try and patch the holes or tears up. Better to shop around and replace it with a new one.

Regular cleaning

If you want to make sure your new screens last you for years, regular cleaning will help. Remove and clean the aluminum or fiberglass screens then scrub away at the buildup of dust and dirt. A brush with stiff bristles should be enough for the job, says Hometips. Too many screens, though? Simply hire a team of pros to help you out.

High energy bills

If your energy consumption bills are high and your windows or AC isn’t the problem, then it might be your screens. Look around for window screen replacement services in San Ramon. These can help reduce the heat coming through your windows which can keep cooling costs low.


New screens help keep the bugs and mosquitos out of your home right along with other unwanted insects and creepy crawlers. Get pros to install new ones so you can sleep without any worries.

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