4 Reasons to Switch to an Answering Service

When it comes to your healthcare practice, you already understand the importance of after-hour service for patient phone calls. However, using live healthcare call centers might not be the most effective option for your practice. Switching to a virtual call center comes with its own set of benefits that often trump a live service. Read on for four reasons to make the switch to a virtual answering service:

Patient Satisfaction
The satisfaction and comfort of your patients should always be your first priority, and you should opt for services that make them feel cared about. Not only can a virtual service answer your patient’s call as quickly as on the first ring, but patients also do not have to worry about being repeatedly put on hold or having communication issues when trying to leave messages with a live operator. Additionally, the patient might feel uncomfortable sharing details about their health with a live person over the phone. A virtual service will give your patient the option to choose whether their call is an emergency or not, and you will be swiftly notified via the notification method of your choice.

Saves You Money
Outsourcing your answering service can wind up costing you quite a bit of money, sometimes even charging you by the message or number of calls. A virtual service is not only customizable, but often comes with a flat monthly rate. You’ll have peace of mind that your patients are satisfied and that their concerns are being addressed, while also saving money.

Your Privacy is Protected
Many virtual answering services offer you the ability to contact your patient through the service, thus keeping your phone number or other contact information private. And, as mentioned above, just as you won’t have concerns about your privacy, neither will your patient – they can record a message for you rather than having to tell personal health details to a live person who may pass on the message incorrectly.

The Power of Choice
You can customize your virtual service to your liking, in order to give your patients the most effective and user-friendly experience. Additionally, you can choose how you’d like to be contacted in an emergency. In addition to a traditional phone call, you can make sure you never miss anything by opting to have messages sent to you via text or email, for example.

With a virtual answering service, you can end a lot of frustration – both for yourself and for your patients. Keep the best interests of your practice in mind, and consider whether making the switch would be a worthwhile investment.

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