4 Reasons to Replace Your Window Screens


Demanding schedules and busy lives often leave us with little to no time for a lot of things. These could be why plenty of the things on your house maintenance to-do list often end up going by the wayside. Here are a few signs that you’ve been neglecting your window screens and that a replacement is already long overdue.

Too much dirt and grime

In some cases, it’s easy enough to get the dirt and grime off your screen. Some window cleaning firms can take care of this for you. However, if the dirt and grime has bonded to the screens and has accumulated after years of neglect, it might be better to go for a replacement. After years of exposure to dirt and grime, it’s unlikely that your screens will be in tip-top shape.

Years of neglect

That’s another reason to shop around for a window screen replacement in Danville. If your screens are more than 10 or 20 years old, then it’s past time you hired pros to install new ones for you. Portions of your screens would probably already be gone at this point too.

Too many holes

Say you’ve got sturdy screens in place. Good for you. But if there are too many holes, going for repairs will mean a bunch of patches that could look unseemly and unprofessional. Want better looking results? Then only a replacement will do.

Old windows

Planning to put in new windows? Then you’ll need to upgrade to a new one too with a timely window screen replacement in Danville. With new windows and screens in place, you won’t have to worry about grime and debris clogging up your screens any time soon. You’ll also have an easier time maintaining your new windows and screens which is a definite advantage to any homeowner, says Bob Vila.

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