3 Types of Dentistry You Should Know About

If your teeth have begun to ache, or if you have started feeling ashamed to show the world your smile, calling a dentist may be one of the first things that crosses your mind. Visiting a trustworthy local dental clinic will often be your best course of action whenever you are dealing with problems that impact the appearance or health of your teeth and gums. Were you aware of the following three types of dentistry you may be able to access in your local area?

Implant Dentistry

If you are missing a tooth, you might begin to feel self-conscious about the gap left behind. A missing tooth may become a problem that is more than simply cosmetic, however. In some cases, your missing tooth might lead to bone loss from your jaw, as well as a variety of other potential problems. Implant dentistry may be able to help. An implant can generally replace a missing tooth in a way that looks and feels natural, and may also be able to help protect the integrity of your jawbone.

Reconstructive Dentistry

You might be planning to visit a dentist because of significant problems that have negatively impacted the overall health of your mouth. Serious injuries or advanced infections can sometimes harm teeth, bones, muscles and gums. This damage could make it very difficult for you to chew normally and live a pain-free life. A dental professional who is highly trained in reconstructive dentistry may be able to help restore your mouth to its healthy and functional state.

Painless Dentistry

Are you concerned or nervous about the prospect of experiencing pain during your visit to a dental clinic? You might be able to find options that can ease your mind. Painless dentistry is often possible through the administration of various innovative anesthetic strategies.

Caring for Your Teeth

If you are experiencing problems with your teeth, a trustworthy dentist should be able to help. Consider asking about options that may be available to you, including the implant, reconstructive and painless forms of dentistry. Contact Beverly Hills Institute of Esthetic Dentistry at 310.276.2468 to know more. You can also connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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