3 Surprising Places To Use A Photo Booth

The fun of an old-fashioned photo booth is something we all look forward to when visiting an amusement park or circus. It’s too bad you can’t experience that fun all of the time – or can you? Photo booth rental is a hot trend for event planners big and small. Check out these surprising events you can spice up with a photo booth.

A Work Retreat

Work retreats are increasingly common among corporations and even small businesses looking for ways to help their staff improve teamwork. The outings promote building bridges and forming bonds, and what better way to do that than taking pictures? Plan one day of the retreat for pure socializing. Add some delicious catering and spring for a photo booth rental. The result will be stories and images that will help your staff truly become like a family.

A Baby Shower

Years ago, baby showers were typically quiet affairs, attended mostly by mothers-to-be and a small circle of friends. Boy have things changed! Modern baby showers are increasingly lavish celebrations that may feature five-star catering and huge guest lists. If you’re planning a blinged-out baby shower, a photo booth is a must to add to the fun.

A Sweet 16 Party

It’s no secret that teenagers love to take pictures. Try a photo booth rental for your 16-year-old to make their big day amazing. Imagine the fun your teen and their friends will have hopping in the booth, making silly faces and coming out to find a strip of fun, Facebook-ready pictures.

When you think of renting a photo booth, a big event may come to mind. But these fun, interactive props don’t have to be limited to huge outings. Whether you’re welcoming a new baby, celebrating a maturing young person or anything in between, consider photo booth rental to make your next event spectacular.

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