3 Reasons Why Vinyl Siding in Omaha NE is Becoming so Popular

If you’re building or renovating a home in Omaha, you’ll probably hear a lot about vinyl siding. Vinyl is the newest siding material to hit the market, and it’s becoming very popular because it’s simple to clean and maintain and it’s surprisingly durable. But is it the best choice for your home? Here’s a homeowner’s guide to some of the advantages Vinyl Siding in Omaha NE has over other materials.

Weather and Impact Resistant

Quality vinyl that’s installed properly holds up well in extreme weather conditions, sometimes being able to stay put in winds of up to 180 miles per hour. Still, the quality of vinyl can vary dramatically, so it’s important to choose a product that is durable. So what should you look for? With vinyl, thickness is important. For the best protection, choose vinyl siding that’s at least 0.40 inches thick, or 0.45 inches if you’re really concerned about the weather. Many brands of vinyl are made thinner, but these products won’t offer the protection of a thick, high-end vinyl.

Resistant to Fading

Vinyl that’s been treated to withstand UV rays will resist damage and fading from the sun. When you’re buying vinyl, it’s important to ask your contractor or dealer if their product has been weather-proofed in this way because raw vinyl will fade and degrade after years in the sun. Look for a product that’s been treated with titanium oxide or something similar. To find quality, UV-resistant vinyl in Omaha, visit a reputable roofing specialist like Royalty Roofing of Omaha NE.

Variety of Styles

One of the big draws of Vinyl Siding in Omaha NE is that unlike a lot of popular siding choices, it comes in a variety styles. For a traditional look, choose horizontal siding. If you like a more modern look, vertical panels are sleek and stylish. Textured vinyl patterns replicate the look of stained wood quite well. With vinyl siding, you’ll also have plenty of color options to choose from to enhance the curb appeal of your home. From muted beige to rich, colorful reds, vinyl siding comes in a rainbow of colors.

Vinyl is a durable, affordable siding choice that’s also long-lasting–many products have warranties of around 50 years. If you do decide to go with vinyl, be sure to invest in professional installation. Vinyl siding can be difficult to install properly. Click here to find quality vinyl siding in the Omaha area.

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