3 Reasons to Get Eyelash Extensions in Hawaii Professionally Done Instead of Doing Them Yourself

Eyelash extensions in Hawaii are a new trend that any beauty lover should try at least once. They make your lashes look fuller and last a long time when done correctly. They are a little less like stick-on lashes and a little more like hair extensions. When done professionally, these lashes will look natural and won’t irritate your skin. There are many salons you could try here for a fun experience that’s worth the money.

Find a Certified Technician

Cosmetologists are trained professionals who know how to handle the tools and glue used in eyelash extensions. By doing it yourself, you run the risk of hurting yourself or doing it wrong by poking your eyes or getting adhesive stuck to eyelids. If done professionally, the possibility of allergic reaction or health risks are greatly diminished. Eyelash kits found in the drugstore can contain cheap glue that can cause irritation to the eye and lids.

Spend the Extra Dough

Extensions done at a salon may cost more, but in the long run they will last longer and look better than a DIY job. Salons will have a bigger range of options like length, color, and material for you to choose from. A cosmetologist will help you find something within your price range to keep you happy and beautiful. Because Eyelash Extensions in Hawaii are becoming so popular, you won’t have a hard time finding a qualified technician in the area.

Don’t Try At-Home Removal

Removing the eyelashes yourself can be difficult and messy, not to mention dangerous. Trying to do it alone can result in pulling out your natural lashes by mistake. To prevent this, go back to the esthetician who put the lashes in and have her remove them safely for you. Salons will use an adhesive that is medical grade when putting in fake lashes. Unlike the adhesive found in DIY packaging, medical-grade glue will not agitate the skin around the eyes.

Even poorly done professional jobs can turn out to be a mistake, so make sure you know the salon is reputable for trained cosmetologists before making an appointment. Remember to also ask your technician how to groom and protect your lashes. If you opt out of having them removed professionally, the lash extensions will fall out on their own as natural lashes grow. For more information, you could look here.

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